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Serbian for children


We try to make entering school and immersion in a new environment a less stressful process for your children.

The courses involve group classes twice a week, lasting45' (for children up to grade 5) or 60' (for students in grades 5-8), on the Google meet platform or in person in the center of Belgrade.

In classes we master the basics of the Serbian language in an interactive game form.

The child receives the basic vocabulary that he will need to understand lessons in Serbian such as the Serbian language, mathematics, the world around him, and fine arts. With high school students (grades 5-8 in Serbia) we also study vocabulary in other relevant subjects: biology, geography, chemistry, physics.

The course syllabus follows the curriculum of public schools in Serbia.

Наши курсы для детей -

это групповые занятия два раза в неделю, длительностью 45' (для детей до 5 класса) или 60'

(для учеников 5-8 классов), на платформе Google meet или очно в одном из наших атмосферных офисов в центре Белграда.

На занятиях мы осваиваем базу сербского языка в интерактивной игровой форме.

Ребёнок получает основную лексику, которая понадобится для понимания уроков - сербского языка, математики, окружающего мира, изобразительного искусства.

Со старшеклассниками (в Сербии это 5-8 классы) мы изучаем и лексику по другим нужным предметам: биология, география, химия, физика.

IMG_6777_11zon (1)_edited.jpg

In our classes, we discuss issues that are relevant to schoolchildren, explain the principles of the educational system in Serbia, and also teach how to communicate with peers and teachers.

Centar Slovo

Our teachers have experience working with children; they themselves graduated from Serbian primary school and gymnasium. Moreover, they were all excellent and excellent students, so they know how to adequately prepare a child and point out the differences that exist between the Russian and Serbian school curricula.

2 раза

в неделю



10€ / занятие

Принимаем оплату* наличными, денежным переводом Почты России, SWIFT переводом из-за границы,  переводом на счет в сербских динарах по курсу Народного банка Сербии в день оплаты.


* Payment is made once a month, in advance for classes in the current month. 

We accept payment in cash, SWIFT transfer from abroad, or by transfer to an account in Serbian dinars at the rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of payment. 
We work with legal entities and companies under a contract and send an invoice.

We are here

We hold in-person classes in two locations in the heart of Belgrade:

1. Next to St. Mark's Church, the Houses of Parliament and the Central Post Office, at Takovska 6a.

2. 5 minutes from Republic Square and Prince Michael Street, next to the Zeleni Venac stop, at Brankova 9.

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