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Dijana Karanović

Dijana Karanovic Slovo Serbian language

Dijana Karanovic

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I am a philologist and a playwright. I was born and lived in Belgrade for twenty years, where I received a philological and theatrical education. Since 2016, I lived in Russia, in St. Petersburg, where I completed two master’s degrees. At the same time, I taught Serbian and English to Russian-speaking students. At work I like to combine creative and very systematic approaches to language.

My experience proves that anyone can learn a language, and when a student says: “I’m stunned” or

“I’m like a dog, I understand everything, but I can’t speak,”

 I believe that making a mistake is a great way to learn (when it comes to language, at least) and I always motivate students to find their way, try, guess, make mistakes, and ultimately feel free -

and fall in love with a new language.

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I see each student first of all as a person 
with an individual and original way of thinking
and a way to learn a language.
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