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Milica Milovanović

Milica Milovanovic slovo serbian language courses

Milica Milovanovic

Copy of Copy of ȍ_edited_edited_edited_e

While still studying, I started teaching the Russian language, since after an internship in Russia this attracted my attention the most. 

Having gained the necessary experience, I began teaching Serbian to Russian. 

Thanks to teaching, I was able not only to help other people, but also to expand my horizons, learn about new traditions and what the “real Russian soul” is. 

I really like meeting new people and sharing experiences and knowledge. I also really love spending time in nature with loved ones, enjoying sunsets and taking photographs.

Copy of Copy of ȍ_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
Copy of Copy of ȍ_edited_edited_edited.png

For me, the most important thing is a pleasant environment and atmosphere in class. I love it when my students and I find a common language and goal, and work and communicate together.

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